I lost my account’s progress, now what?

This can be so frustrating! But if you had previously logged in to Stop using your Facebook account we have some good news.

All you need to do is simply log back to the game using that same account and all your coins and game progress will be right where you left it. We call it magic!

To log back in using your Facebook account, simply enter the settings section (top left button on the main screen) and choose to connect to Facebook.

If you uninstalled the game or changed phones without connecting to Facebook first, you might want to sit for this:

Unfortunately, we cannot recover your progress since it has not been saved anywhere in our records. Connecting to Facebook might seem unnecessary at first glance, but it helps store your game progress and coins in a safe way and makes their recovery possible.

We’re working on coming up with a better system to make sure your progress cannot disappear, but for the moment, unfortunately, this is the only option available.

We’d hate to see you disappointed in the future, so we'd strongly recommend connecting your Facebook account, using the instructions above.

If you’d made any purchases, however, we’d be happy to restore them in your new account. Just send us the receipt of the purchase at stop@fanatee.com, and we’ll make it happen.  

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