Why did the game consider my answer wrong even though it was correct?

This game is made by flawed humans that have not (yet?) been fully replaced by robots. This means that our system does not have a record of every possible answer within the category, simply because for most of the categories this would mean endless possible answers, only limited by your imagination! 
So let’s team up and make a deal! Whenever you submit an answer that has not been validated by our system or you come across terms that are incorrect, you can report them by clicking on them and choosing “Report Word”, so that our flawed humans can review them and take the necessary actions. 
We’re constantly working to improve our word bank so that’s why your help is so important! 

We understand that sometimes these errors may have cost you a game but we’re on your side and really counting on you to help us improve our word bank, one report at a time. 💪

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